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123.hp.com/setup 7800 - HP Envy 7800 Printer Setup

HP Envy 7800 printer offers attractive printing, faxing, and document and photo scanning. Such printers are designed mainly for the home and basic office requirements. Envy 7800 printers can perform tasks like printing papers, web pages, glossy images and more.123.hp.com / setup 7800 printers blends well into your home and budget. The Envy 7800 printer with all-in-one functions is the one you need.

123.hp.com/envy7800 – HP Envy 7800 Setup

HP Envy 7800 printer setup is an essential step towards the effective functionality of 123.hp.com/envy7800 printer. The system requires a high degree of precision to produce consistent prints and outstanding copies.

123 HP Envy7800 Printer Unboxing

  • Using the following step-by – step instructions to unpack the envy7800 printer from the case. It is the most critical move to begin with.
  • The printer box is placed on the flat and smooth surface to reveal.
  • Take the wrapping from the package and cover the tapes.
  • Carefully open the package and hold the printer up and remove the printer from the box.
  • Place the 7800 hp printer next to the machine to facilitate items.
  • The next step is the relation of power

Link the printer to the power source HP Envy 7800

  • To work properly, you must connect your 7800 envy printer to the power source. Create a secure power link using the steps below.
  • Attach one end of the power cable to the device ‘s back and attach it to the device on the other side.
  • You should link the cable to the right ports for efficient communication.
  • Test if the power connection is complete and unchanged.
  • Create your printer preferences.
  • The next move is to load the driver of the printer.

Steps to update the 7800 Printer program 123.hp.com

The following instructions allow you to install the printer driver and the device successfully. Your computer should be connected to the internet.

  • Open the default search engine on your computer.
  • Go to the HP Support Site, enter the model printer and click Enter.
  • The phase above will lead you to the page with the list of drivers available.
  • Choose the drivers needed from the list suitable for your HP envy 7800 printer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.

Load documents into the tray

  • After the above steps have been completed, the next step is to load the file.
  • Unveil the output chamber and delete the output chamber.
  • Ensure sure the input tray is clean of tapes and safe films.
  • Place and gently cover the paper stack inside the paper tray.
  • Pull the extender out once the paper has been loaded.

HP Envy 7800 Printer drivers/software Installation Setup

Installation of 123 HP Envy 7800 Printer Drivers

123 hp setup envy7800 has introduced many multi-functional printer drivers. The user must select and install the appropriate drivers on the website. Installation of the driver is quick and simple if you follow the guidelines provided here. Visit the HP support site and download from the list of available drivers the essential driver package.

How to Print Documents?

If you wish, your hp7800 printer should operate in your machine in app. You must have the driver and printer program installed as previously stated. You can install the required software printer on your computer.

Printing status report and alignment of cartridge

Make sure the text is uncorrupted to be printed. 123.hp.com/setup envy7800 to verify document quality in order to get a better imprint. Ink cartridges of the first grade are necessary to get genuine prints. Using the following instructions to receive perfect printouts.

  1. Print the alignment page to test the print quality as a first step.
  2. Ensure the paper is loaded.
  3. To check print accuracy, test the alignment file.
  4. To align the ink pads, obey the following instructions.

Unveil the bed of the scanner

  • Hold the scanned corresponding paper in the window of the scanner.
  • The written hand will be facing down.
  • Close the scanner lid and tap OK to start the alignment process.
  • To be released easily

Place the paper in the paper tray correctly

  • Change the paper slides to fit in.
  • Make sure the paper is neither folded nor damaged.
  • Using actual HP ink cartridges still.
  • Periodically clean the pad and the roller surface of the scanner.

Printing (duplexing) on both sides

Use duplexing configurations to print on both sides. Duplexing makes inexpensive prints of exceptional quality. Open the printer control panel to allow the duplexing option. Go to the tab and press print. Click the shortcut tab on envy7800 hp and pick the print option on both sides.

Printing with HP envy 7800

Once you have aligned the 123.hp.com ink cartridges correctly, you can print the required document. Here we will direct you through the printing steps of your paper. Get ready to begin printing with any of the following methods.

  • Smart HP Software
  • Software for HP Printer

Print with the hp smart application

The HP Smart software is the best way to print. Learn how to use HP Smart app with the following guidelines for printing.

  • Make sure the paper tray is filled with correct paper.
  • Open your machine or phone’s HP Smart software and pick your printer.
  • Pick the text or photo you want to print.
  • And select the choice for printing.

Print documents using software for hp printer

The built-in HP printer program is recommended by HP to print documents. You will need to install the essential 123.hp.com/setup 7800 support software.

  • Nutritive the paper stack in the tray
  • Search for the envy 7800 properties of the printer.
  • The preferences for ink, color and screen orientation can be set here.
  • Press print finally to start the printing process.

HP Envy 7800 wireless printer setup

Setup of HP Envy 7800 Wireless Printer

Wirelessly connect your HP Envy7800 printer to enjoy its full functionality. You can find it difficult to set up a 123.hp.com/envy7800 wireless printer. But don’t worry, just take these measures.

How TO Use Wi-Fi Direct On 123 HP Envy 7800

You can wirelessly link your HP envy 7800 printer through one of the following apps. The apps are direct HP wireless and direct Wi-Fi. You can connect Wi-Fi – enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers to your printer using the above two methods. Use the wireless option to connect the 123.hp.com-hp envy 7800 printer without wireless access point or wireless router.

  • See through the control panel of the HP Envy printer.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi Direct button. Click.
  • Choice to control touch settings.
  • You can connect up to 5 devices via direct Wi-Fi.
  • Printing from a wireless mobile computer that supports direct Wi-Fi

Switch on your HP Envy 7800 printer and on your wireless computer directly with WiFi

  • Pick your mobile document and press Print.
  • The phase above gives you the list of printers available on the computer.
  • Pick your printer at www.123.hp.com and click OK.
  • Print from a wireless mobile computer that does not explicitly support Wi-Fi

The compatible printing program must be downloaded on your mobile computer.

  • On the printer, switch on the direct Wi-Fi feature.
  • Make sure your mobile Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • You can get the available network lists on the phone.
  • Pick your mobile Wi-Fi from the list.
  • If asked, give the passcode.
  • Finally, select the mobile and press printed document.

How to set up your wireless network's Envy 7800 printer?

Installation of 123.hp.com/setup wireless printer

Wireless machine printing (Windows)

  • Make sure that your computer and HP Envy 7800 printer have a Wi-Fi feature turned on.
  • In the list of available networks, pick your HP Envy 7800 printer.
  • In the Wi-Fi environment, you can find your printer.
  • Type in the password to create the connection between the machine and the printer.


The printer can be connected via LAN or the wired network by the user. To do this, connect your HP printer to the router’s Ethernet cable. Make sure the connection to Ethernet is correct and stable. Check for Ethernet port and connect the one end on your 123 hp envy7800 setup printer. Attach the network router to another end of the cable. Install and follow the on-screen instructions for the correct printer driver.


  • Tap the Wireless option to check the network status screen.
  • To print the network configuration tab, select Print Info to check.
  • You will view the IP setup. Select settings on the wireless option.
  • Tap Basic Settings and Advanced IP Settings.