HP Officejet Pro Printer Models


123 HP Officejet Pro is one of the latest design for home printers from HP. It comes in a sleek, black shiny finish with rounded edges. 123 HP Officejet Pro is one of the successful models in HP Printers. The Printer is available at a modest price.It is the most handy and efficient printers from HP so far owing to its simple and easy setup. The Officejet Pro printer uses cartridges along with print heads that sum’s up the job without any wait. In addition the printer has a simple and a strong output tray that extends automatically when you start printing. Also your 123 HP Officejet Pro is more capable of printing with ePrint Service through which you can share your document through email and print your document.


  • The 123 HP OJ Pro printers are smart printers.
  • You can install the printer setup to access 123 HP OJP Printer.
  • 123 HP OJ Pro printer setup needs printer setup for access.
  • The ePrint service on 123 HP OJ Pro printer is an advantage.
  • Connect your 123 HP OJ Pro printer to the wireless network.
  • 123 HP OJ Pro Printer provides the WiFi network connection.
  • The scan and copy function performs effectively on 123 HP OJ Pro.
  • Install the printer driver for 123 HP OJ Pro to access easily.
  • Download printer driver to install your 123 HP OJ Pro printer.

hp officejet pro


Officejet Pro 6968
Officejet Pro 8710
Officejet Pro 8725
Officejet Pro 6835

Officejet Pro 8630
Officejet Pro 6970
Officejet Pro 8715
Officejet Pro 8730

Officejet Pro 8610
Officejet Pro 8711
Officejet Pro 6978
Officejet Pro 8720

Officejet Pro 8740
Officejet Pro 8620


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